Oct 17, 2015

Cannot connect to LDAP SSL with Error 81 on server with Oct 21, 2016 Unable to connect to LDAP server - Joomla! Forum Oct 17, 2015

After you're done, you can click on “Check settings” to verify that the system can actually connect to the LDAP server. Please note that this operation will only verify that the server and port are properly set, but will not guarantee that the system is properly setup to perform the SSO. Configuring a different LDAP server per branch

Jun 24, 2010

Need helping connecting to LDAP please - Barracuda Email

I'm trying implement a second forest onto my Primary Site, but i can't connect to the LDAP server of the second forest. I'm using an account that is domain admin on the second forest. The ADforestDisc.log tells me: ERROR: [ForestDiscoveryAgent]: Failed to connect to forest mydomain.local. Cannot connect to LDAP server (Active Directory limit reached) Jan 14, 2020