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Go to Settings and select Network Settings. Select Internet Connection Settings. Setting up a wireless Internet connection using the If you would like to set up a PlayStation 3 to a Wireless Network (Wi-Fi) using the [Custom] settings, this article will take you through the necessary steps to do so. Before you begin: Ensure that the settings for the wireless access point (usually a router) are correct and that its power cable is properly connected. Connect PS3 to WiFi | CenturyLink Internet Help Find the passphrase on your modem. Close. SSID & Key/Passphrase. If your password is not working you can look up the settings manually. Push the "X" button on your controller to continue. Finally, push the "X" button on your controller to test your connection. You have sucessfully set up WiFi. How to Connect Your PS3 to Wi-Fi | The Geek Info Enter security details. (Password for your Wi-Fi network) Press X again to save settings and test the network. This is a complete dummy guide to connect PS3 to Wi-Fi. We are trying to cover everything related to Wireless networks so decided to publish a dummy guide related to PS3's Wi-Fi setting.

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