Nov 09, 2019

Re: Fast download speed, Slow upload speed when using cordless phone the norm is a dull hum and anything else is a problem. with your line noise you need to report a phone fault to 151 not broadband Very Slow 4G Download Speed But Fast Upload Speed?! - The @marcbobrien . only thing i would point out in them speed tests is the speedtest app on IOS is very unrelible if you look at your own 3g upload test result that is impossible result you can't get 4mb upload on 3G (it should be around 1.8-2.3mb), and on the 3G result for download speed the Burst speed at the start of the speed test messed up the result (it should of been about half the speed on Slow download speeds, Fast upload speeds. Other devices

Jun 02, 2020

slow upload speed problem but the download speeds are fine on ‎05-03-2020 16:46 Hi, until a few weeks ago my upload speeds have become really slow, but my download speeds are still very fast. How Much Internet Speed Do You Really Need?

ADSL2+ broadband has an average download speed of around 10Mb, and upload up to 1Mb. Most homes and businesses will be able to get an ADSL2+ service. The speed is heavily dependant on the quality of your lines and distance from the exchange and can be much slower than average if …

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