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The daily Grind: Windows Vista file Indexing. Windows Vista, like XP before it, builds itself an index file, which contains markers to all files and folders in certain locations on your disk (User folders, the Desktop, Program Files, etc.). To do this, it must churn through the hard disk …

What's with all the disk thrashing in Vista? If you've installed Vista on your PC you know what I'm talking about. At unpredictable moments Vista has a tendency to start thrashing the hard drive like crazy, sometimes making the whole system sit there essentially catatonic until it finishes. I haven't been able to predict when it's going to happen, either. Sometimes it does it when resuming What are the passes in a disk defragmentation? - Quora When you erase a file, its space is marked free. When you save one, it’s put in the first available free space. But if the file is larger than the space, a part of it is put there, and then the rest (or the next part) in the next available free sp

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