How To Map Network Drives With Group Policy (Complete Guide)

Mapping Drives by Batch File | Tech Support Guy Dec 23, 2002 How to Write a Batch File to Run a File from Network Drive Write the above line in a batch file in active directory, select user, properties. in profile tab, logon script, give the batch file name. This will run the batch file on every log on or you can use the above line in scheduled task. Please note c$ is drive letter. Hope this will help.

Batch file to map network drives for users – KWSupport

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net use mapping not working in batch files but works in cmd

Adding a mapping with /P will only add its entry to the registry which will take effect on the next reboot. To also map the folder immediately you will need to run the same command again but without /P. Download Psubst. Using a program that can convert a batch file into an executable, Psubst can be made into a standard .EXE file. You can do How To Map Network Drives Using Logon Script GPO in Mar 21, 2019 Batch file to map network drives for users – KWSupport